Creating high-quality content such as articles, videos, and social media posts offer businesses many benefits such as:

  • Exposing new, highly-targeted audiences to your brand and products whom wouldn't have heard of you otherwise.
  • Helping customers to understand complex subjects before they are ready to buy.
  • Capturing the contact information of visitors to further educate them via email newsletters.
  • Ranking for multiple highly-targeted niche-specific keywords on Google.
  • Creating thought-leadership in your target market.
  • Building trust and confidence in your company and products.

In this package, Tim Queen works with you one-to-one via video conference or in-person meeting to help and guide you with the execution of your content marketing strategy to grow your business.

Each meeting has a duration of 60 or 90 minutes and contains specific and actionable recommendations.

We start by discussing the homework of the previous week. What has been done? What were the results? What do the relevant tracking and analytics tools reveal? If adjustments are necessary, we'll add specific action steps to next-weeks homework.

If everything is on track, we proceed to phase two where we discuss your next content creation project.

  • What topic and themes should be used in your next article/video/etc.
  • Discussing the best structure and outline for your content to create maximum engagement.
  • Defining a specific call to action that we want readers to take after reading the content.
  • Which supporting images and videos can we include inside the content. For videos, this includes recommendations for your thumbnail.
  • If we want to publish content on someone else's platform, we discuss specific platforms as well as the outreach strategy for our pitch.

We wrap up the meeting with a summary of the specific action steps to take for next week's homework.