LinkedIn Influencers Ladies Edition 2017

Follow these 29 amazing ladies and LinkedIn Content Creators to learn everything there is to know about personal and professional branding, social media-, influencers- and video marketing.


Brigette Hyacinth is the founder of MBA Caribbean Organisation where she conducts seminars and workshops in leadership, management, and education as well as motivational speeches.

She firmly believes that in the midst of all our accomplishments, we should always find ways to give back to the society and community.

She has also published 4 incredible books:

  • The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams
  • The Ultimate Leader: Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy of Hope
  • The Edge of Leadership: A Leader’s Handbook for Success

Follow her for delightful post and stories about leadership and management as well as insights and lessons from her own personal life.

She also frequently challenges her audience with thoughtful questions and raises awareness for good causes.

Check out her recent post about ageism at work.

Brigette Hyacinth


If it wasn’t for String, videos on LinkedIn just wouldn’t be the same!

She produced the award-winning Snapchat channel “Women In Tech”, amassed over 200 Facebook Live Interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders like Gary Vaynerchuk, Holly Liu, and Hugh Forrest.

She created the first viral video on LinkedIn with over 100k views.

Follow String and her hashtag #stringstory on her journey to create the first LinkedIn Video Channel.

String Nguyen 2


As a data driven marketer she loves to geeks out about analytics and growth in a light, easily to understandable way.

She’ll show you how to turn insights into actionable steps with a focus on succeeding on LinkedIn.

Follow Clarice Lin and her #claricesays hashtag for stories on how to succeed in business and life.

Check out her article on how she got 30,517 views with one LinkedIn post in 2 days.



Goldie is the head of Content & Creative at confirm/deny, a boutique marketing & branding agency.

She has appeared in several LinkedIn brand promotion videos to about LinkedIn’s native video platform and is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America New Media Council.

Follow Goldie to learn about how to create great stories and creative pop culture brand marketing.

Goldie Chan 2


Pelpina describes herself as LinkedIn’s #1 Video Geek.

She is a video producer, video trainer, and video strategist.

Follow her for weekly training videos on how to get started with creating your own LinkedIn video show.



Brittany is a personal branding mastermind

After working directly with industry thought leader Gary Vaynerchuk on building their own personal brand, she decided to start her own branding agency.

Follow her on LinkedIn to learn more about Personal & Corporate Branding as well as Social & Influencer Marketing.

Brittany Hoffman


It’s a joy to follow Sadie’s posts on LinkedIn.

She writes about storytelling, personal branding, personal life lessons, funny observations and documentation of her personal entrepreneurial journey.

Check out her amazing post about storytelling.



Christina just launched her own food business marketing agency. She focuses on helping food businesses to keep customers. Specifically on building an automated customer retention baseline.

Follow her for food marketing tips on customer retention. She advocates on customer experiences & remarkable moments as the new loyalty currency.

Her examples and lessons are universal and apply to all businesses, so you’ll learn a lot, even if you are not in the food industry.

Christina Murrell


Follow Jess on LinkedIn to learn valuable lessons and insights on how to create perfect brand strategies and anything related to brand marketing.

She is also a master curator of valuable marketing lessons and shares branding case studies with her network.

Jess Thoms


Branka is CMO at Arlo and works hard on turning the startup into a household name.

She specializes in helping businesses to find their own brand language and optimise conversions across all of their channels.

Follow her for amazing #drivecast episodes where she gives businesses with limited resources ideas on how to approach and optimise the way they communicate with prospects and customers.

If you have a bad day, check out one of her many #drivecastlipsync videos and you’ll instantly feel happy again. 🙂

Branka Injac Misic


Eleanor uses NLP inspired copywriting to influence and persuade in a positive way.

Follow her on LinkedIn for some of the most interesting and creative article and post ideas.

Who would have known that we could learn from Alexander The Great how to become better at email marketing!

Eleanor Goold


Durga explains simple concepts with strong analogies and easy examples with a tinge of humour.

Follow her for humorous stories, book reviews and her take on entrepreneurship, sales and observations about people and office life.

Durga Balakrishnan


I love Ashley’s unconventional writing style!

To me, her posts feel like poetry. Beautiful words flowing together in a enthralling song with elements of rap.

If you follow her on LinkedIn be prepared to learn new and exciting ways on how to use language and grammar.

Check out her posts on about what she thinks about browsing LinkedIn profiles in private mode!

Viewing LinkedIn profiles in private mode is like staring at potential “dates” through the restaurant’s front window while wearing a ski mask. Viewing the same profiles on semi-private mode is like wearing a demi-mask at the restaurant bar… still staring at them. (…)

Ashley Stryker


After coaching over 100 entrepreneurs on their marketing strategy and branding, Jeannette found her passion for coaching and social media growth.

Her friends call her the Queen of Instagram, proudly wearing her flower crown. 🙂

Follow her for the latest trends on social media and Instagram.



Amy – a passionate copywriter, a bit of a data geek who meticulously tracks the performance of all her posts and is a huge fan of spicing her food with cilantro. 🙂

Follow her for amazing LinkedIn videos on topics such as learning, communication, creativity, finding balance in life and inspirational ideas for social media marketing.

Amy Blaschka


Stacey describes herself as a storyteller, creative writer, copywriter, fantasy fiction lover, and professional daydreamer. She loves writing and loves to play with words.

Follow her for copywriting and story writing posts!

Stacey B


Gretta is one of Australia’s most successful serial entrepreneurs.

Follow her on LinkedIn as she explores topics from the world of influencer marketing.

Gretta van Riel


Miriam is the co-founder of One Tribe, a marketplace that brings together locals with hair and make-up artists.

Follow her on LinkedIn as she documents her own entrepreneurial journey mixed with valuable life lessons.

Miriam Barakat


Michaela is a LinkedIn lover, viral content creator and social media marketing expert.

She’s not afraid to show her quirky and playful side.

It is a great joy to follow her on LinkedIn as she shares her own entrepreneurial and life story.

Michaela Alexis


Hailey runs one of the largest marketers and founders communities in Silicon Valley.

Follow her on LinkedIn for kickass marketing advice, interesting life stories and lessons learned from her meetings with inspiring people.

Her story about how she went viral on LinkedIn was a huge inspiration to me.

Hailey is sharing all of her growth marketing tactics on her blog GrowthMarketingPro.

Hailey Friedman


Shinjini is the founder and CEO of her own media agency.

Follow her on her entrepreneurial journey as she builds an empowering media platform for her go-getters.

Shinjini Das


Follow Angela on LinkedIn where she shares funny and insightful stories of her life as information security specialist.

If you ever wanted to know what the IT support guy secretly thinks of you, you came to the right place.

Your next helpdesk call will never be the same…

Angela Felix


Alexandra describes herself as a Serial Giver and Gentle Warrior.

Follow her at #authenticalex to learn more about how she helps people, creating, personal development and shares stories from her personal life.

Check out her amazing #letsgethonest video.

Alexandra Galviz


Janja is a badass growth hacker.

Follow her for interesting life lessons and humorous observations and insights from her professional life.

Check out her post about why you should stop comparing yourself to others…

Janja Jovanovic


Casey is passionate about fitness and living a fulfilling, healthy life.

Follow her and her hashtag #KatchCasey for stories on wellness and health.

Casey Katchersyde


Ginny is a marketing and communications specialist.

Follow her and her series on #InspiringPeople where she writes about amazing people with great stories that you may have heard of, some you may not have heard of.

Ginny Lemarie


Sam is a professional Happiness Mentor and motivational speaker.

Follow her for daily happiness video truth bombs and valuable life lessons to have less stress and more joy in your life.

Sam Adams


Follow Ingrid and her humorous writing style as she shares her opinions about the latest trends and day-to-day experiences in the world of recruitment.

Ingrid Johnson


Rachel is a Business Development & Marketing Consultant specializing in international business.

Follow her for interesting stories from her own personal and professional life where she shares her own experiences, as well as quotes, analogies, and the occasional meme. 🙂

Check out her “Dude, Where’s your photo?”post.

Rachel West Palombo


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