LinkedIn Influencers Gentlemen Edition 2017

Follow these 29 thought leaders and LinkedIn Content Creators to learn everything there is to know about LinkedIn marketing, personal and professional branding, growth hacking and social media-, influencers-, video and growth marketing.


Jeff Weiner is the CEO of LinkedIn. He was recognized as #1 CEO at U.S. Tech Companies by Glassdoor in 2014 and is generally someone who really cares about his company. In 2016 he donated his annual $14 million stock bonus to LinkedIn employees after a drop in share prices.

He is passionate about giving back and is actively involved in projects that support education and try to end death caused by malaria.

Follow him for the latest news about LinkedIn.

Check out his interview with Oprah here.

Jeff Weiner


Tim Queen is a LinkedIn & Social Selling Expert. He generated 1+ million views within 21 days with several 100,000+ views viral posts on LinkedIn.

Follow him to learn more about using LinkedIn and Social Selling for inbound leads and outreach, viral content creation tips, LinkedIn & B2B influencer marketing, data-driven growth marketing and NLP storytelling.

Contact him for speaking opportunities at your next event or conference, media inquiries and in-house workshops for you or your company.

Check out his viral LinkedIn Cheat Sheet, and his articles on Social Selling and Growth Mindset.



Gary is CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, a global digital marketing agency.

He is passionate about hustling and sharing his journey on what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world.

He has been a huge inspiration for me personally and helped me to keep going and push through difficult life and business challenges.

He recently announced that he would become more active on LinkedIn, so let’s all put on your big boy/girl pants and get ready to amp up our game!  🙂

Follow him for posts on entrepreneurship, leadership, social media and marketing tips.

Gary Vaynerchuk


Ben is the US Marketing Director for Glisser and helps event managers, marketers and training professionals to create better presentations and audience engagement during live events.

He’s also a LinkedIn expert, working with small businesses to find their voice online, and raise their profile through valuable content.

Follow him for personal life lessons, and tips and tricks on using LinkedIn effectively.

Check out his inspiring #letsgethonest video where shares which honest advice he would have given to his 17-year old self.

Ben Bradbury


Justin is a growth hacking expert, founder of the growth hacking agency and creator of Stacking Growth Facebook community with 2,000+ active members.

He is passionate about startups, growth hacking, and blockchain technology.

Follow him on LinkedIn as he is documenting his own entrepreneurial journey true to his personal motto “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Check out his latest article on “how to stay relevant through consistent content”.

Justin Wu


Manu is a serial tech entrepreneur, LinkedIn Youth Editor, TEDx speaker, Fortune 500 consultant for Google and American Express, venture capitalist, and UN Youth Ambassador.

He believes that today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but they don’t need to wait till tomorrow to lead.

Follow him for topics on youth entrepreneurship and mental health.

Manu Goswami


Carsten is a full-stack growth marketer who helps businesses to grow via digital marketing, events, and sales.

He also runs Founders & Creators, the #1 Slack community for tech founders, entrepreneurs and growth people who want to learn, share, inspire and grow together.

Follow him for stories on his entrepreneurial journey, and topics about growth hacking, technology, and events.

Check out his post about speaking English as a second language.

Carsten Pleiser


Aaron is a content marketer at Shopify Plus and founder of the content marketing agency iconiContent and specializes in long-form articles that spark emotional connections and offer practical help for difficult subjects like B2B e-commerce and enterprise leadership.

He also does executive-level ghostwriting at publications like Harvard Business Review and Wired (but don’t tell anyone).

Follow him on topics like online sales and marketing, growth hacking, and behavioral economics (the psychology behind human decision making).

Check out his recent article “Something Human Is Going on Here at LinkedIn” for a great summary of the #LetsGetHonest campaign that reached over 35 million people and was launched by him, Michaela Alexis, Manu Goswami, and Josh Fechter.

Aaron Orendorff


Oleg is the global CTO at DailyMail and a thought leader in the ad tech and internet technology space. At the moment he is faced with the challenge of having more than 70,000 LinkedIn invitation requests.

Follow him for posts about leadership, hiring people, dealing with recruiters and valuable life and business lessons.

Check out this post where he shares his top six qualities he is looking for in a new job candidate.

Oleg Vishnepolsky


Noah is the founder of AppSumo and one of the brightest entrepreneurial minds I ever met, also… He loves tacos.

Follow him for inspirational stories from his own entrepreneurial journey, valuable marketing, and branding lessons as well as mindset hacks that help you to become more successful in life.

Check out his post where he explains why, if he could pick only ONE skill to have in life, it would be sales.

Noah Kagan


Ali is the founders of a data-driven social media agency that helps business owners to grow an engaged social media audience and to generate new leads with Facebook ads.

Ali is also an “underground nerd” and tries to simplify/understand life using his silly graphs and charts at letsgraph dot com.

Follow him and his hashtag #AskAli where he talks about the latest news from the world of social media, early traction for startups, growth experiments and social media hacks.

Check out his article about the top #5 mistake why startups fail and how to avoid them.

Ali Mirza


Harsh is a natural born hustler who understands how to quickly turn early-stage startup ideas into profitable and investment ready ventures, by providing strategies and helping with their execution. He is a huge lover of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Follow him for posts about marketing and life lessons, the latest growth hacks and NO B.S. mindset tips.

Check out his post where he talks about typical lies that founders keep telling themselves and how to overcome them.

Harsh Jani


Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Ball Street, he left a dream job at the the top of talkSPORT Towers to build a business from the bottom.

He is also a passionate Linkedin video creator and runs his own show under the hashtag #LinkedinDaily where he shares insights and talks about football, influencer marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Follow him for his #LinkedinDaily video series on social media video, influencer marketing, sport and start-up business.

Check out his video about the ROI on uploading native #video to LinkedIn.

Matt Wilson


Haris King is an expert growth hacker who loves to play and watch sports, especially football!

Follow him for the latest growth hacking tips and tricks and new ideas how to generate leads and turn them into paying customers.

Check out his post on his results after posting consistently for 3 weeks on Linkedin.

Haris King


James is the Founder of the podcast agency Sweet Fish Media where he helps executives to become B2B influencers through podcasting & LinkedIn. He is also co-hosting the daily podcast called “B2B Growth”.

Follow him for advice on B2B podcasting, LinkedIn growth strategies, and lessons learned from conducting 500+ interviews with B2B leaders including Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Jay Baer, & Noah Kagan.

James Carbary


Tom is the founder of the growth marketing agency “The Growth People” where he helps businesses to implement growth strategies and to train staff members through workshops and seminars.

Follow him for interviews with leading growth practitioners, entrepreneurs & social media experts who share their stories, tools, and tactics that they use to grow companies and brands.

Check out his thought-provoking post about the story of a 13-year-old boy who was hired by Google 1.25 million with a plot twist.

Tom Osman


Vin is the enfant terrible of growth hacking. You’ll recognize him from across the street because of his leopard pants, golden-winged shoes , nd his USA flag that as his cape to keep him warm.

Follow him for controversial points of view and NO B.S. marketing tips.

Check out his post where he explains how to quickly find new content ideas.

Vin Clancy


John Chen is the head of digital at Contentrific and the upcoming LinkedInPedia.

He is passionate about telling stories about people and brands.

Follow him on topics such as business development and inspiration.

Check out his post where he talks about why he quit his job because of a promise.

John Chen


Mike is the creator of the Humans of Linkedin show where he interviews people from his network in a very personal, unscripted and authentic way.

Follow him to get notified whenever he is releasing a new interview.

Check out his #humansoflinkedin article where is curating the links of every past interview.

Mike Morgan


Si Quan is the content marketing manager at ReferralCandy, where he using a mix of content and influencer marketing to create more traffic and leads.

In his personal life he is a skilled breakdancer.

Follow him for topics content marketing and influencer marketing tips and tricks, as well as lessons learned from interview partners.

Check out his post about life lessons he learned from his mentor Dan Meredith.

Si Quan Ong


Tirthak is an engineer who is spearheading initiatives for smart grid technology and renewable energy sources.

Follow him for honest, direct, and no-frills articles on how to utilize creative thinking to solve everyday challenges in your professional and personal life.

He also started the #LinkedInContentShare initiative where readers work together to crowd-source the best articles and post within the LinkedIn community on a specific topic or question.

Check out his post about thinking outside of the box to get access to some of the best influencers.

Tirthak Saha


Jordan Carroll is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and creator of the #OneMinuteWeekly video series, where he features lessons, stories, and ideas from inspirational founders in one minute per week.

Follow him for actionable advice on business and life as well as inspirational stories and videos on how to develop systems in your life that contribute to well being.

Jordan Carroll


Thomas is a public speaker and co-founder at Sapphire Apps where he has helped to create over 500 iOS apps with a portfolio of over 15M+ followers.

Follow him on LinkedIn where he documents his entrepreneurial and life journey and shares stories from the world of influencer marketing.

Check out his post about the time when he met Gary Vaynerchuk.

Thomas Ma


AJ is a professional speaker and management consultant who teaches companies to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to overcome business challenges.

Follow him for life lessons from his professional and personal LinkedIn life, and tips and tricks on how to tell exciting stories via social media.

Check out his post on how to build confidence in an emergency.

AJ Kulatunga


Jason is a marketer, entrepreneur and co-Founder @ Dinner Dialogues, a networking event for growth-oriented individuals to connect over great food and drink.

Follow him for posts about how to grow your small business and for personal stories on how he overcame challenges in his own professional and personal life.

Check out his post about his experiences when he quit smoking.

Jason Bay


Founder of POPE, a community that helps graduates on their journey of becoming an entrepreneur with networking events.

Follow him on topics such as meditation, social etiquette on LinkedIn and building a personal brand.

Check out his post about nine alternatives to mediation that can yield similar benefits.

Daniel Pope


Alexandru has launched several start-up companies and is a growth marketing and search engine optimization expert.

He loves networking, building great companies that solve meaningful problems, iterate and create growth strategies that work!

Follow him on his life and entrepreneurial journeys, wizardry on growth and daily inspiration.

Check out his post on exponential growth and building an experimentation culture.

Alexandru I. Baltat


Jeremiah is the senior director of sales at Adwizar.

He is passionate about influencer and social media marketing.

Follow him on topics such as pricing influencer marketing campaigns, the power of mentors and the question of whether to use influencers to promote B2B offerings.

Check out his post where he talks about the most common mistakes that influencers make and how to avoid them.

Jeremiah Boehner


Ruvim helps brands to create marketing strategies, connect with influencers, and leverage social media to engage with Generation Z.

Follow him for stories about life, startup culture and how to overcome challenges and failures in business and life.

Check out his post about why many agencies fail.

Ruvim Achapovskiy


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