How to Manage Your LinkedIn To-Do List

What you’ll learn today


If you want to replicate my results on LinkedIn, you have to work both smart and hard to make this happen.

To fully utilize LinkedIn as a publishing platform you need systems and processes that help you to stay on top of everything.

Here is a complete outline of recommended monthly, weekly and daily tasks that are based on my own personal schedule.

Remember: Everyone has different circumstances and you might have to make adjustments to the schedule to make it work for you!

Monthly Tasks

✓ Review your LinkedIn stats and strategies.

✓ Set and adjust your LinkedIn goals for the month based on the results of your review.

✓ Plan ahead for potential schedule interruptions due to events and meetings.

✓ Review and update your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, and website.

✓ Brainstorm ideas for new articles.

✓ Research, write and edit at least one new article.

✓ Review strategic partnership proposals.

Weekly Tasks

✓ Create your content strategy for the week. Which topic will be published on what day?

✓ Write at least seven posts in bulk.

✓ Check out at least ten different profiles of people you have not kept in touch.

✓ Follow up on old messages.

✓ Have a chat, call or personal meeting with at least one new person per week.

✓ Read at least one new book.

Daily Tasks

✓ Record your LinkedIn stats.

✓ Publish one post or article per day.

✓ Comment on your own posts and articles.

✓ Engage with other people’s posts and articles from your network.

✓ Review the latest news from your industry.

✓ Reply to new messages on LinkedIn.

✓ Reply to new emails.

✓ Review who viewed your profile and started to follow you.

✓ Qualify new connection requests.