How to get free press for your business

A lack of understanding the media industry can be devastating to your company’s success. To most people press and media are complete mysteries.

This becomes a problem when you finally have something newsworthy to report and don’t understand the inner mechanics of media organizations, press outlets, popular blogs, podcasts or YouTube channels.

Many people turn to press releases and hope for the best. The thing is, if your name is not as big as Apple or LinkedIn, the chances are very high that nobody will read them. Instead, I recommend something else entirely.


This approach turns the world upside down. While most people start to think about connecting with journalists when they WANT or NEED something, I recommend the opposite: Connect with key people and journalists in your industry as early as possible and bring value to them first.


You can start by buying all relevant industry magazines and newspapers. Then make a list of the top 100 websites, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels in your niche. Identify thought leaders who are familiar with your topic.

If some of them published books, buy them as well. Read each article and book by every author and take notes. You then take your notes and brainstorm ideas for how you can add value to them. Here are some ideas:

✓ Do you have information that they didn’t mention in their latest article?
✓ Did they raise a question to which you have the answer for?
✓ Do you have access to a potential interview partner and could make an introduction?
✓ Do you have an idea for a future article?
✓ Can you give them access to exclusive data or research that could help them in their next article?
✓ Do they have any geeky interests that overlap with yours?
✓ Could you put them on the guest list of an exclusive event?
✓ Can you recommend a good read to them?


Find them on LinkedIn and send them an InMail or email. You can use my email template as a rough guideline:

Hi *first name*,

I loved *article*. The *info* was *praise* and helped me to *result*.

Thank you so much for writing it! 🙂

Inspired by your article I did more research and found *resource that could be interesting to them.*

*intelligent question that connects their article and your resource*?

*your name*

As you build real relationships and add more value to them they naturally want to learn more about your, so make sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile.


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