How to Do Social Selling On LinkedIn

What you’ll learn today

Traditional Selling In the Past

In the good old days, only a shrewd sales person would survive and thrive.

Companies would spend a lot of money and time on cold calling, printing out boring and expensive marketing brochures, parcel costs and attending trade shows.

The competition was high, margins were low and quotas tough to meet.

If you wanted to survive you had to get your foot in the door, then use every trick in the book to charm, persuade and push a prospect for the sale.

Customers hated this type.

They don’t want to be manipulated into buying something they don’t want.

What Is Social Selling on Linkedin and Why You Should Care?

Social Selling is different.

It turns the world upside down.

Instead of trying to TAKE something (usually their money) from a customer you switch to GIVING them great value upfront for free.

And by value, I mean giving them valuable information, insights, and content that can help them to do a better job, impress their boss, get promoted, be more knowledgeable than their arch enemy at work.

By sharing your knowledge and expertise in posts, articles, and videos you give potential buyers the opportunity to get to know you and to get a deep and honest understanding of how you can help them.

When you are trying to take something, their internal defense is on high alert.

When you are giving freely, they invite your ideas with open arms.

And once a customer really understands how much knowledge and expertise you have, they will coming to your door and ask for your products and services.

That’s the idea of Social Selling.

And it works incredibly well!

How to Improve Your Social Selling Index/SSI on Linkedin?

LinkedIn compared the online activities of 12,000+ sales pros with real-life successes such as exceeding quota or getting promoted.

They identified the activities that directly correlated with success and turned them into the #SSI score.

Your SSI shows you how good you are in social selling on a scale of 0 to 100.

It’s based on 4 categories, each up to 25 points.

How to Establish Your Professional Brand

To create an amazing brand you have to focus on 6 areas:

  • Complete your profile
    • Summary, headline, experience, education, skills, accomplishments.
  • Add media on your profile
    • Add a PDF, photo, video or slide to illustrate skills and results.
  • Have a profile photo & cover
    • Get a professional headshot and download a free cover photo on
    • Get at least 3 endorsements. Why not ask a boss or co-worker and return the favor.
  • Get engagement on long-form posts.
    • When you post great content that is relevant and valuable for your audience you’ll attract views, likes, comments, and shares.
  • Get prospects to view your profile
    • Why not send them an InMail or tag them in relevant posts?

How to Find the Right People

To improve your people score, focus on 6 activities:

  • Use advanced searches
    • Take advantage of modifiers such as AND, OR, NOT, ” “, and ( ).
    • Explore 2nd/3rd level connections for possible introductions.
  • Save Your Results
    • You can save accounts, leads and even searches: this way you can receive automatic notifications when new matches are found.
    • Save at least 10 accounts and 7 or more leads per account.
  • Research Leads
    • Research profiles of leads and co-workers for commonalities that can help to establish a relationship.
  • Ask for Introductions
    • Look for people who can introduce you to a new lead in your team via Team Link or extended network.
  • High Profile Views
  • Activity
    • Log in daily!

How to Build Strong Relationships

Good relationship require action in 4 areas:

  • Expand Your Network
  • Develop Relationships
    • Take the time to read their posts and shares and leave meaningful comments.
    • Get responses to your messages by building a relationship first.
    • No sales messages!
  • Be Helpful
    • Make mutually beneficial introductions when a prospect is posting about a challenge that they’re facing.
    • Ask for Referrals. Most happy customers are willing to make an introduction, but most salespeople never ask. So don’t be shy and ask!

How to Engage with Insights

If there was one global currency in human relationships, it would be attention.

To truly understand someone we have to really listen, to give them our full attention.

In a world of bits and bytes attention = engagement.

“Engaging with Insights” is LinkedIn’s fancy way of saying:

Share information via articles, posts & InMails and interact with each other via likes, comments, and shares.

Your TO-DO list for this month:

Send at least one or more InMails.
Create and share posts and articles with your network & in groups.
Give and receive likes, comments, and shares.
Do this Daily!