How to develop a growth mindset

The question should never be “who is going to let you?” but “who is going to stop you?”

If you want to create anything of meaning in your lifetime, you’ll be faced with two choices.

Will you try to play within the established rules, or will you do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Every society has a set of unspoken rules to keep everything organized and everyone in place.

A collective subconscious so to say.

The primary beneficiary of these rules is always the collective as a whole, never the individual. Sometimes, more often than not, there is no beneficiary at all.

We aren’t born that way.

We have to be trained.

By our parents, family, and friends, our schools, universities, the places we work for, the books we read, the movies we watch and the music we listen to.

Slowly, without noticing it, the unspoken rules, become our own beliefs.

Or, far more common, they become our doubts and worries.

Some people will thrive within the rules.

Others won’t.

If you want to become an entrepreneur and change the world, be prepared to be challenged.

The system has an army of gatekeepers lined up, ready to stand in your way and to question you on every step of the way.

Gatekeepers will tell you which choices you have.

They will give you the illusion of choice, while simultaneously limiting your choices.

They will ask if you want A or B, without telling you that you could also pick C, D or E.

If you tell them that you want to pick another letter, they’ll try to help you, to get you back on track.

To do the right thing.

The safe choice.

The familiar.

Reasons are plentiful…

Inertia, fear of change, nobody told them it was ok, belief in authority, education, collective believe sets or the desire for external validation.

So, you ignored the nay-sayers and decided to follow through with your plan?

Now what?

You have to make another choice!

Will you follow traditional business practices and marketing strategies, based on a 30-year old university text book, that was written by a someone who only knows theory? or will you try something different?

Here is what I recommend:

There are only three resources: Your tools, your mindset, and your processes.

Your tools can be any and every resource that can help you to get from A to B.

It can be something that you have, own, have access to or can get access to.

A tool could be your intelligence or your creativity.

Your relationships, network, and partnerships with investors and influencers…

Your financial assets, money in the bank, or your intellectual properties and patents.

Your AI software algorithm, tools, and technology…

Knowledge of the latest growth hacks, strategies of war, neuroscience research, NLP skills or persuasion techniques…

A cup of coffee in the morning that keeps you productive or even your charming good looks 🙂

Your mindset is that of an agnostic.

Whatever tool works, works.

It is up to you, and only you, to decide which tools you use and how far you’re willing to go to make your dream a reality.

Learn from the best, steal their best ideas and make them your own.

Test new ideas in experiments, track and measure everything and then make data and fact-based decisions based on your findings.

Trust in the approach and over time you’ll build up a beast of a gut feeling that is rooted in facts.

Learn to become mentally more flexible.

Break old beliefs that don’t serve you and create new ones that do.

You only have this one life and your time is ticking.

You can either make it work or not… 🙂

There is still time! 🙂


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