How to Build a Sales Funnel On LinkedIn

What you’ll learn today

Why Do You Need a LinkedIn sales Funnel?

There are two ways how to get new customers for your business on LinkedIn. You can actively reach out to people and companies who fit your ideal audience profile. You can create great content that is relevant to your ideal audience profile and then wait for them to contact you. Both approaches have pros and cons in different use cases and industries. What they have in common is, that both require a sales funnel to turn prospects into paying customers. A sales funnel is a predefined workflow of desired steps of how to find your ideal audience, how to get in contact with them, how to qualify them and how to turn them into paying customers.

What Do You Need to Create an Efficient LinkedIn sales Funnel?

Today I will show you how to build a very simple yet powerful content marketing sales funnel on LinkedIn. It requires only four basic building blocks and can be built with a budget of less than $15 per month.

My Content Marketing Sales Funnel

My LinkedIn sales funnel can be divided into two parts:

  • What happens within the LinkedIn ecosystem
  • What happens on my website

Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel

My Linkedin Sales Funnel

I use the LinkedIn publishing platform to find people who are in alignment with my ideal audience profile. By creating interesting and relevant articles and posts that resonate with them, I establish myself as the authority in my field and create trust by demonstrating my knowledge and expertise. When someone reads one of my posts or articles one of four things will happen.

  1. They might disqualify themselves by moving on without taking any action if my article or post didn’t resonate with them.
  2. They might look at my other articles or posts
  3. They might visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me.
  4. They might click on a specific link within my article or post.

I am most interested in outcome three and four. On my LinkedIn profile I offer different ways for how to get to the next step:

  • They can connect with me.
  • Send me a message or InMail.
  • Send me an email.
  • Open one of the links in my profile to my website.

The goal is to start a conversation and to disqualify those who are not a good fit as quickly as possible. I will do an initial qualification with people who connect with me, send me messages, InMails or emails. I either tell them we are not a good match or send them a link to the relevant product or service on my website.Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel2

My Website Sales Funnel

My entire website sales funnel is built on top of a $15/month tool called Paperform. I use it to create contact forms, qualification forms, intake forms, to track homework and to sell products and services. On my products & services overview page, I link to three different products.

Each page contains either an order form where they can instantly buy a product or service or to a qualification form.Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel3

Linkedin Content Planner

For the LinkedIn Content Planner, I am using Paperform‘s shopping cart functionality. I can add any number of questions to any order page in Paperform. For example, I like to ask buyers for the link to their LinkedIn profile to connect with them later.Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel4

Linkedin Kickstarter Webinar

Here I use Paperform to sell my upcoming Kickstarter Webinar on February 24, 2018. For my webinar, I use Paperform‘s coupon feature to run an early-bird promotion on LinkedIn. Thanks to the built-in Zapier integration in Paperform, I can instantly register each buyer within my webinar software WebinarJam.Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel5

Linkedin Enterprise Strategies

Because of the complexity of developing a bespoke LinkedIn Enterprise Strategy, I decided to create a two-step qualification form via Paperform. Steps 1: In this very simple pre-qualification form, I only ask for basic information such as Name, email and business goals.Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel6Step 2: Once someone has submitted the pre-qualification form, they are redirected to my intake form. I linked both forms together within Paperform so that all fields that were already submitted in the pre-qualification form gets pre-filled in the intake form. A long intake form has three main benefits.

  1. It allows me to really understand someone’s business model and business challenges.
  2. It allows me to make a qualified decision if and how I can help someone or not.
  3. It allows me to identify hot leads. Those who are serious will take the time to complete my intake form.

Tim Queen LinkedIn Sales Funnel7Step 3: Assessment I review all form intake submissions personally and then decide on the best approach going forward.

  • Sending them to an order form for a specific product or service.
  • Schedule a qualification call with them to discuss different scenarios.

Step 4: Nurturing Those who only completed the pre-qualification form but not the intake form will be contacted by my assistant to investigate if there is a fit.


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