How to grow your LinkedIn Company Page Followers in 2020 in 10 steps


If your prospects are hanging out on LinkedIn, then setting up your own LinkedIn company page is the next natural course of action after creating and optimizing your own personal LinkedIn profile. The platform now has 660 million users from over 200 countries, representing over 30 million companies.

So, getting your own LinkedIn company page is like having your own virtual shop front on the professional social media platform. The company page becomes a communication channel where you can reach out to new groups of potential leads and nurture relationships before closing the deals.

However, the process of growing your own network with your personal profile is vastly different from growing followers for your LinkedIn company page.

Competition is getting steeper every day and if you plan to grow your LinkedIn company page followers in 2020, and want to cut to the chase and quickly attract the right followers quickly, this article is a must-read for you.

Here is my 10-step process where you can systematically set up the right foundation to fast track your progress.

Step 1: Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

That might seem obvious. Some people are not even aware if they have a page or not.

They just type in the name of their business and their work experience section and they wonder, do I have a page?

No, you don’t. You actually have to go up to the menu and create a page.

Click up here, select this in the menu then create a page.

Then follow the instruction and and fill out all the necessary information.

Step 2: Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

That means upload a logo, the logo should be square.

If your logo doesn’t look good in a square shaped container, get the help of a designer to develop an icon logo for your business.

This will allow you to display your company logo as a small icon that people are able to recognize.

Once you finalized your logo, make sure that you fill out all the different sections of your LinkedIn company profile.

For example choosing the proper geographic location, especially if you’re targeting a local market.

Also ensure that you have a proper description.

Put in the links to your website so people can learn more about you.

If you have a team, you want to set up the permissions for the admins who are managing your companies so different people can access your page and create content and share analytics as you go along.

Also important, put in company hashtags, and if you have a group or LinkedIn group or you plan to do one, link them to your company page so people can discover your group or your company hashtags right there on the page.

Step 3: Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your LinkedIn Company Page

This is very important and it will set the foundation for the kind of content that you are trying to create.

The first step that you have to do in this is you have to define your audience.

Be very specific. Who is it that you are trying to attract for your business? Who has the highest likelihood of becoming a high-quality customer who is buying and buying over and over again?

Really be clear what is qualifying a potential customer for your business? Which industry do they work in? What is the company size they’re working in?

What is their typical role or job title? What is going on in their personal life?

What are the challenges that they are facing in the job?

Really create an avatar so you’re really clear and try to align those avatar fields a lot of them, as much as you can with LinkedIn search fields that you can target because this will be very important in all the later steps.

So step number two in this is, you have to determine their needs. And I always like to look at three different dimensions for each of those other tasks.

The first one is personal.

What is going on in that person of every employee is a person first, a human being first. They have the same problems and challenges as everyone else in our life. They have a family, they have children, they have grandparents.

They have to pay their bills. You have to really understand what’s going on in their personal life, what are their personal challenge?

The second dimension you want to look at is what is going on in their career? What are the company dynamics for making a career in this industry or in this particular company?

What are they hoping to achieve? Where do they want to go? And what are the values that this company is using as metrics to decide if someone becomes promoted?

You’ve to understand how you can help them get higher up in the hierarchy and this will be a tremendous benefit of crafting content is really communicating value to them.

The third dimension we are looking at is, what are the companies’ needs? What is this company that this person’s working for? What do they want to do? Where does this company want to grow?

Do they want to expand? What is their mission? What is driving them?

Because if you understand the mission, it becomes much more easy to find content that is really helping these employees help themselves personally, in their career and helping their company.

And those three values, if you can combine this in a single post, you get the highest amount of engagement possible on LinkedIn.

This is probably the most challenging part for most people, is finding the topics that speak to someone’s reality, both personally from the career point of view and from the business kind of view.

And of course, finding topics that are both entertaining and educating them at the same time so they enjoy reading it or they enjoy watching your videos.

It’s about giving them something of value, it’s educating them and at the same time, it’s educating them that you are the person who is knowledgeable.

You are the person who can help them achieve something, that is benefiting them.

Now the next step is you have to understand the content format.

There are different personalities. Some people like reading, other people want to watch videos.

Other people like to watch pictures, understand their different preferences, how people process information neurologically.

Use those different content types to both the right leads, and also to give different personalities the format that they need to understand something.

By doing that, you make it much more likely that you are attracting all the people who would become potential customers in just the right way that speaks to them in the best way in how they process emotions and information internally.

Step 4: Share Content On Your Company Page

That means getting someone to write a post and then sharing this, or recording a video, adding a text description and sharing this on your company page.

You have to actually publish the content that you have just designed that is really working for your audience, has all the right factors, attracting them in all three dimensions.

Now you have to write the actual post and share it on your company page.

Step 5: Get Your Team’s Commitment and Involvement.

If you’re just starting out, your company page probably has no followers at all.

So, you have to initially trigger some engagement by getting your team involved. Ask your team to engage, ask them to like, to leave a comment, reshare your company page posts.

At the beginning, you are creating the initial engagement yourself. And then over time, as the company page grows and develops more and more momentum, and at some point, you don’t have to boost that even though it still helps.

But you don’t have to technically boost it with personal profiles anymore. It will just become the self-running machine, which is attracting more and more followers over time.

Once you have reached this breaking point and you have enough people following a company page, enough of them will share themselves and then they attract more relevant people to your company page themselves.

Now here is something important, when someone from your team is engaging, tell them they should, not just reshare a piece of content from your company page. Rather they should be writing a two to three sentence summary of why this is important or how this is cool, how is this benefiting the audience.

LinkedIn prefers posts or reshares with commentary much more than just having reshares. Bundled up with your personal opinion, you get many more impressions in the newsfeed and your page will grow much faster.

Step 6: Get Your Team to Reply to Comments

This is really important. A lot of times I notice that people start a company page and then they share content and people actually leave comments and then nobody is replying to them.

And you know what happens when you send someone a letter and you put a lot of effort into it and then the person’s not replying with the companies that aren’t replying.

Are you going to send a second letter or leave a second comment? No, this is exactly the problem.

People want to be rewarded for taking the time for writing a comment. So you actually have to take the time to reply to them.

This is really essential and you have to give people time, give you a prize, a dedicated time of the day, one day, half time to check if there are any comments. And then make it clear who is responsible for replying to comments when and how.

And when you get people to reply to comments, you will notice a lot of your followers will be encouraged to leave more comments in the future. And as you get more comments, more people will see, oh, my connection left a comment on this post.

So now your post, your company page post would also show it to a couple of their network and then some of them will start following your company page.

Helping, replying to comments really helps to grow your LinkedIn company page followers in 2020.

Step 7: Encourage Your Team to Create Their Own Content.

Give them time so they can develop some unique content that they can share and encourage them to also link to your company page where appropriate.

So it’s important that your team is not just using promotional content and is not just writing promotional stuff.

They also have to create content for the three dimensions and they should focus a bit more on helping other people in general than just promoting your company page.

Because what happens is if you get the right content mixture in at say, 80% of the posts that your employees are creating a value post that is suitable for everyone, and 20% of the posts are promotional, you will find that more people are listening to the 20% sales and promotional content if you balance this out with 80% value content.

Step 8: Tag Your Company Page and Personal Profile Post

When one of your employees is writing about something that’s mentioning your company, make sure that tags your company page. This is very simple.

You just have to press the @ key for email addresses and then slowly start typing the company name and then you just select the right company from the drop-down menu.

And when they save the post, there will be a blue link attached to the post.

If someone is pressing this link, they will directly go to your LinkedIn company page, so whenever appropriate, mention it so people can learn more about your company and have the opportunity to become your LinkedIn company page followers.

Step 9: Create An Industry-Specific LinkedIn Group

Then invite the right people into your group.

Now let’s start about the technical aspect first. Once you have created this group, make sure that you link your LinkedIn group to your LinkedIn company page.

This way you can post as your company page inside the LinkedIn group. You allow people to discover your company page content or your LinkedIn group from your company page.

So, getting like a two-way street where people can engage with both your company page and your LinkedIn group, and then inside this LinkedIn group, focus on creating daily content as well.

Make this more personal, more niche-specific and less promotional.

You want to really create a group that is of value to people in a specific industry, and you might want to target this so the industry that you are targeting would be, the majority of them would be ideal customers.

And then you’re focusing on providing value in educating them, entertaining them. And then maybe instead of having this 80-20 ratio, maybe having the second 90-10 or 95-5 ratio where you take it way back to promotional content.

Because what happens is, if you have this group and people perceive this value and people are very sensitive to value, especially in groups, this is a big commitment to joining a group.

You will notice that they will invite other relevant people, and then over time, you can really grow an audience of highly qualified leads.

Then when you’re promoting something, it’s much more likely that every one of them will see it.

And since they are constantly aware that this company, this group is linked to your company page, you will also see that your group is actually driving traffic to grow your LinkedIn company page.

Step 10: Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are the perfect tool if you want to scale up the LinkedIn company page follower growth quickly, if you can put a budget behind this, you can really target very highly specific.

Get people who are living in a certain country, who are living in a certain area, who are living in a certain city, who work in a specific industry, who have one of the following 10 or 15 job titles.

The company should make at least this amount of money per year in annual revenue.

You can really pinpoint and target, you can say which language they should speak, and then when you are able to use LinkedIn ads just maybe to initially get 1000 followers, you can really shortcut the entire process that might take you much longer than if you’re starting with the organic approach.

By being willing to put in some budget behind LinkedIn ads and driving the first 1000 people, you can make sure that those people who follow your company page are so hyper-targeted, laser-focused at whatever you do put in front of them has the highest probability of getting high engagement and turning some of them into potential customers.

And it’s much cheaper to get someone to become a LinkedIn follower on your company page then to run an ad on LinkedIn, which is sending them to some external landing page, which they might not sign up for so your money was wasted.

But following a company page is a much lower commitment.

And since we already establish that you need seven to 10 interactions with each and every customer for them to feel comfortable enough to become a buyer, this is the perfect way how you can actually build a relationship with ads, get them onto your page as a follower.

Then create value posts over and over again and turn them, qualify them, warm them up, get their temperature up, and if they’re ready, they can directly reach out to you and become a customer.

Are you ready to start growing your own company page followers in the next 12 months?

If you want to implement a tailored LinkedIn strategy for your specific industry to accelerate your progress in 2020, drop me a message and we can discuss more on how I can help your company grow your company page followers and fill up your sales pipeline.