Hire me if your B2B company wants to attract high-quality leads with a successful content marketing strategy on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google.

Who do I work with?

I work with B2B companies with an annual turnover of USD 1,000,000+ and an average customer lifetime value of USD 10,000+ who want to attract high-quality leads for their business.

How do I help?

I create successful B2B content marketing strategies on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google that enable B2B companies to attract high-quality leads for their business.

I implement successful employee advocacy programs for large corporations that fill up their sales pipeline with warm and hot leads and enable their sales teams to focus on prospecting and closing deals.

I teach in-house masterclasses on successful B2B marketing strategies on YouTube and LinkedIn as well as implementing successful employee advocacy programs.

I give keynote presentations on B2B marketing on YouTube and LinkedIn and speak at conferences and events.

Individuals can book short VIP programs of one-to-one sessions with me.

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Who is Tim Queen?

People have called me "the most strategic person on LinkedIn".

I have grown a very successful B2B marketing strategy consulting business through three marketing channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google.

My articles, videos, and social media posts reach a highly-engaged, weekly audience of more than 35,000+ people across 131 countries. In total, my content has been seen by more than 12 million people.

The majority of my laser-focused audience are key decision-makers and senior-level influencers such as CEOs and sales and marketing directors who work for some of the most respected companies around the world.

I am passionate about getting results with a data-driven approach and am a firm believer in clear, and concise language with the least amount of fluff and buzzwords.

I love to build systems and processes, to find outside-of-the-box marketing strategies and tactics, and to transfer knowledge across different domains.

I also run VIVID TALKS, a global event series for business and marketing leaders and host the 💯Strategies podcast where I interview business leaders, influencers and experts.

My content has been featured in publications such as Social Media Examiner, Zest, Thrive Global, Social Media Today and many more.

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